Book Review: Requiem by Lauren Oliver

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Please note: This is the final book in the Delirium series and does contain spoilers.

Check out my review for Delirium (1), Pandemonium (2).

The end is near for Lena and the resistance. Tension is rising and has finally come to its breaking point. Us against Them. To be free and feel, or remain a robot and die slowly. There will never be an in between. Lena has chosen her side and so has Hana.

The end is near and with so much death lost. Is it worth fighting?

The end is near.

With each book Oliver has outdone herself. I must say I am not a big fan of the first book, but the second and third are truly fantastic. What began as a traditional YA book has spawned into a series that is about life as whole instead of a silly romance.

There is heart, there is trial, there is loss and it is all so real.

This finale is heart retching. It’s gripping with tragedy and surprises. I blew through the pages and was distraught at the end. I’m really glad I stuck with the series; it’s totally worth reading and challenges your mind as to what you do. Give up everything for the chance to love freely, or be safe by being a number. The sides will never be even, and which side would you truly wish to be on?


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