Book Review: Skin by Donna Jo Napoli

Skin cover

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Sep, or rather Guiseppia, but don’t call her that, is having a bit of a problem. One morning she wakes up and gets ready for school. As normal high school girls do, they look in the mirror. What does she see? White. Olive skinned, Italian bred Sep, has pure, white, lips.

It’s small thing that makes a huge difference. In short this aspect of young sixteen-year-old Sep, is a metaphor for growing up. Her story pushes further, as she takes to understanding her condition and living her life in ways that teens do. Sep embarks on a journey about her body, about herself and about those around her. True to herself and harsh to others, she must learn how the color white will change her life forever.

This is new adult fiction. If you haven’t yet learned about phrase, my friend over at Pretty Books leads a great discussion on the new genre.

I did feel this piece was a bit long, but once Sep’s condition was well under way I was hooked from chapter to chapter. Sep’s story is honest. True, scary and brave all at the same time. What is hidden as a NA book is a silent protest to the way modern society treats women in this day and age.

Again I do feel the need to state this is new adult fiction. There are adult situations in this book and there is a passage that is very…romance-y…so be aware. It’s not an issue for me, because let’s be honest, it’s something all teenagers do. It’s just no one wants to talk about it.

With understated beauty this book tells the story of a teenager girl unlike most others and her battle against what society perceives of her. My only critics are to stop using repetitive language and vulgar slang (Because I feel that it hinders the message of the book by trying to belittle a word no girl should be called). Other than that, it’s a job well done and needed in this new genre.

This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to the author Donna Jo Napoli and to the publisher for providing book!

Skin is available for purchase on August 6th! Reserve your copy today!


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