Book Review: Croak by Gina Damico

Croak Cover

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Lex (short for Lexington) Bartleby is one troubled teenage girl. Her twin sister Cordy (short for Concord) is sweet as sugar and works hard at her part time job. When Lex puts another fellow student in hospital, the girl’s parents ship her off to her forgotten Uncle Mort’s farm in upstate New York.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere, Lex attempts to prepare for one long summer of suck. Instead her scarred Uncle on a motorcycle picks her up, with no farms in sight. He’s also the Mayor of Croak, a town full of Grim Reapers. Lex is also a Grim Reaper; gifted with talents of guiding souls to the afterlife. Her summer makes a complete 180.

That is until uncharted deaths start happening around the US. Lex finds herself public enemy number one for reasons she doesn’t understand. As she begins to lose what little comfort fitting in a society of her own kind, she’ll have to make a choice of either joining this masked Killer or ending him or her, herself.

This book is seriously amazing. So worth the wait. (It hasn’t been published in the UK yet.) Finally a YA seriously where the focus isn’t on falling in love, with some real bite to it! Croak is fabulous at dealing with the moral obligations of life and death. Everyone who lives must also die and I love how Damico uses this sad life event to bring comfort to readers, as well as cover the natural order.

When that balance is disrupted all hell breaks loose in the book and you’ll turn every page wondering who’s around the corner! The language of the story is also fantastic. Riddled with new age teenage slang. You’ll be laughing and crying through this brilliant 300 page ride. Talk about using the post-apocalyptic theme in a modern way, Croak is absolutely worth reading. As long as you’re not uberally disturbed by death, I highly suggest checking out this beginning of the Croak series as soon as possible!

The finale book in this series will be published in September, and this review is kicking off to the release date. Next month I’ll include my review on the sequel, Scorch


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