Book Review: Promised by Caragh M O’Brien


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Gaia Stone has successfully lead the people of Sylum out of the dangerous fog and back towards her old home of the Enclave. As the new Matriarc, she plans to build New Sylum next to the unlake. All that’s standing in her way is the fear of the Protectorat.

Yet as Gaia pleads her case to the ruthless leader of the Enclave, she learns that the haemophilia has continued to spread out of control. Worse still, Gaia becomes a piece of a complicated puzzle. The struggle for a brighter future for everyone rests between Gaia and the Protectorat, a frightening situation for everyone involved.

I found Gaia to be strong but still naïve. Which is good when remembering she’s still only sixteen. A sixteen year old should never have to endure all the responsibility, guilt and hardships she faces in this book.

Gaia never gives up and is always trying to do the best for people. Yes she makes rash decisions and sometimes the pace of the book moves a bit swifter than I would have liked, but I enjoyed this conclusion overall. Gaia Stone stands for a determined and independent woman. My only criticism is how she loses the plot whenever Leon is concerned. There could have more to that relationship and I was disappointed to see how their love shifted instead of grow.

Overall the first book, Birthmarked has been my favourite. I’ve enjoyed reading this series as it’s moved in different directions for dystopian YA, but I’ve been left wanting more. Not more books, but more from what’s already been written. I wish the author had done some aspects different. I am sad the ride is over, but I look forward to reading what’s next in O’Brien’s writing future. 


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