Book Reviews: Black Door by Evans Light

Black Door cover

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 14.20.35

Eleven-year-old William, his father and two younger brothers are on their way to a new Summer Camp as their local favourite is out of operation.

What starts as a long car trip turns into a journey through an unknown environment with a starkly painted black door…

What’s behind the door? Why are the campgrounds abandoned? Several questions that might be answered should William take that first step through the black door.

This is a short story perfect for reading to eight-year-olds and above around the campfire. But be warned – there will be a lot of questions!

It’s such a short read that most of my review is really in my rating. I obviously wanted more, but for it’s age range it’s great to kick start imaginations. A good example for kids looking for the next step up in a reading challenge Black Door will keep them turning the pages! 


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