Book Review: Anna Dress in Blood by Kendare Blake

Anna CoverEntangled InfoTheseus Cassio Lowood, or Cas as he would like to be known, is not your average seventeen-year-old guy. He’s a ghost hunter. He’s a modern day Ghostbuster if you will, but without the silly outfit and one seriously dangerous knife. Travelling with his mom and cat, Tybalt, Cas is only interested in one thing: killing ghosts. True they’re already dead, but Cas is concerned with the ones that kill the innocent. It was his father’s history and his father’s history that goes back further than Cas can remember. It’s his legacy.

Now he’s here in Canada for Anna. Anna Dressed in Blood. A ghost so horrific that barely anything is known of her origin. It was just supposed to be another move to town, learn the stories and then confront the ghost to administer the final kill. Instead he comes to face with Anna, a ghost he could never have prepared for. Anna treats Cas differently, but she kills everyone else. What’s a boy to do? As Cas fights his instincts, there are other bumps that go in the night and it’s a harsh day when he realises that Anna is truly only the beginning of his problems.

What a whirlwind of a story! Many thanks to Bruce of thebookshelfgargoyle for the encouragement! I was not disappointed with this book! I don’t know what it is, but all the YA books that have a male as the main character are just simply outstanding! (Do I think this story would work just as well with the genders reversed – yes – yes I do!) Cas is an outstanding character. I loved how he had an alter ego, but that he also essentially still remained a teenage boy.

I gave this book 5 stars because it definitely deserves it, but I’ve got to put the disclaimers in there: This is not a book for tweens. There is a lot of swearing, ghostly violence and abuse. This is a crossover for those that love ghost stories and aren’t afraid of a little blood (or for that fact – a lot of blood). Please be warned readers – this book will keep you reading throughout the night. Reading under the covers with a torch (flashlight) is not the way to go. Make sure the lights are on. And that someone else is in the house. A cat might be nice too. Give this book a try, I think this is going to be a stand out series!


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