Book Review: Entangled by Nikki Jefford

Entangled CoverAnna InfoGraylee and her identical twin sister Charlene are witches. Far from being two peas in a pod the girls are as different as night and day. Charlene is devastated that her boyfriend Blake broke up with her a week before Valentine’s Day for Stacey Morehouse. Graylee’s more concerned with perfecting her invisibility spell. Charlene is one of the hottest girls in school, dressed to the nines with full makeup. Graylee glides through the halls without a boyfriend in embroidered jeans and a tank top.

One night Graylee falls asleep and the next morning she wakes up in Charlene’s room. It’s also April 1st. Graylee’s been dead for two months and now is sharing Charlene’s body. Every other day Graylee wakes, but she has to act as Charlene in order to avoid repercussion from the coven. Their mother is on the case to fix the problem but time is running out. The more time Graylee spends in her sister’s body the more she learns her sister was more than just heartbroken. Charlene ‘s patience is also running thin and Gray is terrified to learn she’ll do anything to get her body back even if it means losing her sister a second time.

Firstly, I love the cover. Second, the first 30% of the book is a bit rough; the characters aren’t fully developed and honestly, are shallow. The writing isn’t anything new and I wasn’t interested in the story until the double occupying of the body happened. Finally some tension and conflict that’s somewhat engaging. I enjoyed the brief introduction to this world of witches and warlocks, the language and rules. Also, it’s based in Kent, Washington. KENT! If you’re a regular reader it’s not a secret that I am such a sucker for all books that have ANYTHING linked to Washington State.

There is some substance to this book but it gets lost in the romance. Romance isn’t even the main theme – its revenge. Charlene is one piece of work and although it works for the premise of the story. It’s still Graylee’s twin sister. I didn’t really buy the fact that she would act intentionally the way she does in wanting to purge her sister. The readers don’t get to know Charlene before Graylee dies and because of this I’m sceptic of her motives. Nevertheless, I think this read is great for young female readers that are looking for a love story that has drama. At the end of the day that’s all it is. Drama: High school drama. I was left wanting more and I hope the second book can accomplish this but I’m not hoping for a magic spell here. However, it’s based in Washington, I have to read this series!


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