Crossed by Ally Condie

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Cassia Reyes has been Matched, but a glitch in the Society’s perfect system has derailed her life. When Ky’s face was shown instead her Match Xander, Cassia’s heart took a leap and made her own choice. Now she is out working manual labouring, far from her family and home. In the Outlands she waits for any opportunity of where she can find Ky once again.

All her life the Society has chosen everything for Cassia, but loving Ky has opened her eyes to what else lies open in her world. Cassia will do anything she can to find Ky. In the process she’ll discover more secrets that her Grandfather was trying to clue her in on: The rising of the Rebellion. It’s tough to decide what is more dangerous – being out in the unknown or under the heavy watch of The Society. With new friends and the skill of trade Cassia must decide what she wants ultimately for her future, love or freedom.

I ate Crossed up. Four days dear readers, that is how long I was able to stretch out reading this book. Condie is fantastic at peppering the mystery of The Society within this second book. It’s interesting because there isn’t much action in this book but the lingering questions are carried through beautifully. Yes there is a Rebellion but there are so many more questions as to why it is in existence? How long has this Rebellion been growing? What exactly are the reasons and what do they hope to accomplish? The romance wasn’t the front-runner theme and I loved how every page captured my attention as to what is really going in this Big Brother world.

Cassia grows a lot during this book. She becomes her own woman-trying figure out love and what she wants for her future. She doesn’t shy away from the challenge but instead goes looking for it. She’s given a difficult task at the end of the book and I wait patiently for the third book to become available at my library.  Those who loved the first Matched won’t be disappointed with Condie’s return to Cassia’s life.


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