January Literary Accessory

It’s one thing to buy books for those who love to read, but it’s a whole other level discovering book inspired accessories. Personally, I am a huge fan. Even if it’s a bookmark of a beloved childhood character or a witty reinvented cover for a Kindle, there are just some things out there in the world (or on the Internet) that should be seen. Every month I’ll bring to light a company that offers something that readers of Young Adult Fiction might enjoy. 

For January, I must pay credit to Bruce over at thebookshelfgargoyle, his holiday gift guide for 2012 bright to light an amazing company called The Literary Gift Company. On his list was a bracelet and I simply fell in love.


UK price: £12.99

USA price: $21.20

It’s one of my favourite things I bought last year and it’s also a great conversation starter. Captain Underpants was a banned book? Why and yes and let’s discuss why or why not you think that’s right or wrong. 

Not into jewellery? Have a look around The Literary Gift Company, they’ve got something for every budget and their delivery is swift! It’s the little touches that give such sparkle to everyday life. Until next month! 


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