Free Books

One of the best things about being involved in the book industry is the aspect of getting free books.

This month I was lucky to attend the Society of Young Publisher‘s annual conference. It alternates every year between London and Oxford, and I was happy to not have to travel very far this year.

Every person that attended got a free book courtesy of World Book Night. It’s a fantastic organisation and some silly person left their book behind! I adopted it to keep it safe. I also received another free book from a fellow attendee (she had finished it on the train) so instead of just one book, I went away with three.

Drown in your envy of free literary escape. There were many talks about different routes of the industry and just what the future of books holds. I made new friends, met with some old ones and had a lovely day being surrounded by book enthusiasts.

It’s not the kind of thing you can do back in Seattle. If you live in London and love books, publishing or want to learn more about this evolving industry, join the Society of Young Publishers! Everyone is really friendly and you can attend as many events as you wish (for members most events are free!).

Happy reading!


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