Comes the Night by Hollis Hampton-Jones

Nineteen-year-old twins Ben Ho and Meade live in Paris funded by their parents. Ben Ho is an artist living the dream, his sister Meade a waif contradiction studying cookery as she struggles with an eating disorder. Tied to Ben Ho, Meade lashes out at herself when he finds himself a pretty girlfriend and ignores her. As she spirals out of control with drugs, lust and lack of calories, can she find the will to pull her life back to together?

I was not impressed with this book. I found Meade to be a whiny, spoiled little brat. Constantly craving her brother’s attention for absolutely no reason other than she’s unable to be alone. I kept reading hoping there would be a turnaround, something or anything that would make me sympathetic to Meade.

I didn’t find anything. At nineteen one can be dramatic, but I felt it was over the top with Meade. She’s in Paris! Money isn’t a concern! Ben Ho and his ignorance to his sister’s pain was smart, but I don’t think he could have helped her if she had let him. At least the book is short. Perhaps those that enjoy reading about endless black holes of one’s soul will find more enjoyment from this piece than I did.


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