Contact by Chris Morphew

Contact begins minutes after the first book ends, with Peter as the narrator.

Peter’s life continues to get worse. Sure moving to Phoenix was great at the beginning, but ever since the latest community member Luke arrived everything’s spun out of control. Now he’s discovered that the leader of the town, Shackleton has created ‘Tabitha’, a plague that will destroy the world’s population in 80 days.

As Peter fights for his feelings against Luke over Jordan, the adults in power are ordered by Shackleton to place the three under strict watch. Regardless, the trio are determined to find the source of the ringing phone. If there are working phones in Phoenix, they just need to find one to be able to contact the outside and call for help. The stakes are raised as the teenagers engage in a dangerous tug of war against Shackleton. They’ll have to decide what’s more important, saving the world or saving their lives…

He’s done it again! Morphew’s ability to continue with the thrills and the mystery is executed brilliantly. I loved his idea of switching point of views with the three characters. I found Peter to be more likeable than Luke, and his sense of humour in trying to be romantically involved with Jordan was an engaging touch.

This book has more action, and some gore that jars the readers back to the seriousness of the world coming to an end. Perhaps the best part about the second book is how there are still many more questions to be answered. Why are all the people brought to Phoenix? What truly is Shackleton’s point of exterminating the rest of the population? What if the project doesn’t goes accordingly to plan? The only criticism I have is that I want the disaster to happen already, but at the end of this book there’s still 70 days to go. I’ll keep reading, because Morphew has stepped up the game in book two, so I can only wonder what’s to come in book 3 Mutation


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