Broken by A.E. Rought

Simply stunning cover, gorgeous!

What would one give to have the love of their life returned to them? In West Michigan Emma Gentry pines for her boyfriend Daniel who died over the summer from a tragic accident. Once inseparable there’s nothing that can fill Emma’s hollow heart. She hides in his sweatshirt wandering the cemetery after school, wishing for a place to mourn. With her best friend Bree standing by her side Emma tries to adjust. Then the mysterious Alex Franks appears and finally Emma sees through her heartbroken haze.

However, Alex’s dad isn’t favourable about the match and the harder he restricts him from seeing Emma, the more the two are drawn to each other. Guilty over cheating on Daniel’s memory, Emma can’t resist the power Alex has over her. He’s strong like Daniel, opens her locker just like Daniel, and he even winks just like Daniel. The similarities turn eerie as Alex’s father pulls him out of school-leaving Emma no choice but to visit his house, only to discover the truth of what really happened to Daniel…

I adored Broken by A.E. Rought. The language was beautifully spooky for it’s setting making it a perfect autumn read. Throw in a paranormal retelling of one of my favourite classics and it was difficult to put down, this is YA romance at it’s best. Life is hard in high school and it’s unthinkable how one could go on after the death of a boyfriend. Emma is easy to relate too even through her grief and she stands as a good example of trying to move on from tragedy.

The beginning moves smoothly to a fantastic and exciting finish. I’ve always loved Halloween and I wish the book was being released in October instead of January. I’d recommend this book for the real YA audience as well as for adults. It’s a YA crossover of 50 Shades of Grey level (for the heat only!), but cleverly written and wonderfully executed. Read for the romance, stay for the passion and enjoy the gothic language as it transports you to a time when all that mattered in life is love.

Broken will be released on January 8th, 2013. Pre-order your copy from Barnes & Noble in the US or directly from the publisher in the UK.

This book was provided as an ARC from Angry Robot from their imprint Strange Chemistry for an honest review. I’m thrilled to receive the galley because I thought Angry Robot is one of the coolest names for a publisher. Many thanks Angry Robot and Strange Chemistry!


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