Cinder by Marissa Meyer

So many covers! Top left – USA/UK/Sweden, Top right – Italy/Czech Republic, Bottom left – Spain, Bottom right – Spain (they’re in different languages)

Linh Cinder (surnames are said first) lives in New Beijing, is a sixteen-years-old mechanic and also happens to be a cyborg.  The ward of her stepmother that focuses only on her natural daughters Peony and Pearl, Cinder is forced to work to support the family. Her trade is so well known that even Prince Kai seeks her out for a royal android repair. The world is under attack by a mysterious plague that spreads in an unknown way and kills on a strict timeframe. There is no cure and cyborgs are used for test research.

Cinder’s stepmother Andri can’t resist sending her away to the royal palace as a test subject when her youngest stepsister falls ill with the plague. Devastated over losing and possibly infecting Peony, Cinder complies, desperate to do anything to save her life. Yet as the tests commence secrets and revelations come to light. Cinder’s crush on Kai seems light-years away as her past is uncovered and she fights for her right to exist in an anti-cyborg world.

I must give a shout out to Marissa Meyer who is from Tacoma, Washington State, my mom’s hometown. I was delighted after I finished the book to discover a Washington State writer wrote it. I think Meyer did a wonderful job at tackling the huge task of retelling the Cinderella fairytale. The basic story is still there which does make it a bit predictable but with a dystopian setting it’s a fun and refreshing read. As history repeats itself with this deathly plague, Meyer uses creative settings and impressive steam punk imagery to recast a modern Cinderella.

I loved the book; it had me on the edge of seat. Even when I knew a mile away certain things were going to happen, I think Meyer strategically worked the fairytale to her advantage. I’d be upset if she didn’t stick with the core story and she mixed other fairytale elements that succeed in a post apocalyptic world. I’d recommend Cinder in a heartbeat to anyone that wants a different, stronger Cinderella but isn’t ready to leave the dystopian genre.

There’s been a rumour going around that the second book, Scarlet isn’t going to be published. I’m happy to report that Amazon is already selling it in advance. Here’s the cover.

You can enter to win a signed advanced copy HERE: The contest ends September 30th.


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