I see, I pin

Everyone, well everyone that works or markets via social media is talking about Pinterest in the UK. It’s exploded all over the UK in the past ten months. How do I know this? Why do I care? It’s a part of job, and excitingly, I was the one that suggested using the social media outlet to help market Hotcourses here in London. Check them out here.

For being a part-time employee, it’s an accomplishment I’m very proud of. For the past month many questions have been directed towards me. Being an American, Pinterest has been around for the past two years, it was created right before I moved to London and I knew about it but didn’t have the time to invest in this beautiful social media tool. I noticed more of my friends ‘pinning’ things via Facebook last year and decided that now is the time to ‘muck in’ and see what it’s all about.

Now I find myself constantly repinning things, trying to increase my boards for the USA market while managing my personal one here within the UK. Is there a difference? Oh yes, indeed. Check out this infographic. (I heart my job, oh how I wish it was full-time)

via Mashable 

Personally, I love Pinterest. It gives me plenty to look at and set financial goals for. On the food front, it’s the easiest way to keep a collection of recipes together. I’ve had a folder on my computer for a couple of years, but I never look in it. With Pinterest I can see the recipe I’m looking for, or if I need inspiration, there’s no better way to find it than by looking at what others love to eat. The photos alone are mouth-watering.

How do I use it in the workplace? It’s a bit challenging, and the hot topic at work this week has been whether or not to use cute animals to get traffic, repins, likes and follows for our boards. I love cute animals, I have a Kitties board for my personal one, and a Desired Roommates for my Hotcourses USA. Totally legit subjects that help define my fan base and online presence. Yet for those that wish to stay away from the cutesy-ness, (aka my male coworkers) there is a struggle. It’ll be interesting to see how Pinterest will evolve once they start selling ad space, and UK users rise.

Seriously though, how can you not fall in love with a face like this?

Photo credit goes to Cute Overload.

Check out my Pinterest boards and see if there’s something you like as I work on defining what I’m all about through photos on the Internet.

Need an invite to Pinternet? Comment below with your email and I’ll send you an invitation.

Happy Pinning!


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