Book Review: Furry Logic by Jane Seabrook

FurryFurry Logic is a lovely collection of meaningful and interesting sayings paired with stunning watercolors of animals that will delight all generations. This quick read shouldn’t deter anyone from purchasing, it’s a collection that can be enjoyed multiple times over a lifetime.

The 10th anniversary edition is a perfect gift to keep on hand if you’ve got a last minute birthday gathering or if you need something to bring the hostess. Kids will love the size of the book, the bright colors and adorable emotions of the animals. That means parents, that this is perfect for the car, when they can read short sentences or just need a distraction!

Simple but thoughtful, Seabrook’s talent is showcased beautifully in this edition!

Many thanks to Random House, as a part of Blogging for Books for this book in exchange for an honest review.

How it Glows

Liquid fireZigZag. Seattle, WA. 2015.

“Peeta smiles and douses Haymitch’s knife in white liquor from a bottle on the floor. He wipes the blade clean on his shirt tail and slices the bread. Peeta keeps all of us in fresh baked goods. I hunt. He bakes. Haymitch drinks. We have our own ways to stay busy, to keep thought of our time as contestants in the Hunger Games at bay.”
― Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire