Day 27 – 30 Day Book Challenge

Too scared to read through the entire Flowers in the Attic – Dollanganger series? Seriously, if you can’t handle the first book, then don’t even try to read this finale. I have never had a book make my jaw down except for this one. You’ve been warned.

Day 26 – 30 Day Book Challenge

Think your life is difficult? Try imagining how it would be growing up as a foster child. Diffenbaugh’s depiction of the foster care system and how her lead character discovers what she truly wants in life will grab hold of you in a way you might not expect. No matter what age, foster children need good respectable homes.

Day 19 – 30 Day Book Challenge

Unicorns were my favourite thing as a child. I started watching this movie from age four and watched it over and over and over again. My mom refused to buy the actual film so whenever it was rented as soon as the film finished I asked for it to be started again. Is it appropriate for a young child? No. Did my parents care? No. I don’t think they’ve ever watched it. But I loved it. It’s still my favourite movie even though it doesn’t give me the ending I want. Thank you Peter S. Beagle! (Although I wish he got all the royalties he deserves)

Ever by Jessa Russo

As a homeschooled student, seventeen-year-old Ever’s love life hasn’t had the most impressive track record. She’s been in love with her neighbour Frankie since she was nine, but for the past two years they’ve been stuck in the friend zone where it will remain forever. Killed in a car accident, Frankie’s ghost lingers around the home with Ever and her family.

He’s a permanent fixture in her heart until Toby, the hot new neighbour moves into Frankie’s old house. He’s a real, breathing and very attractive guy who’s totally into Ever. It’s kind of hard to start dating with a dead kind of ex-boyfriend hovering throughout the house. As Ever spends more time with Toby, Frankie continues to warn her, but there’s more to Toby than just his passion and good looks. He’s hiding something and Ever soon is risking more than her heart as jealousy and tragedy tear through her life.

I had a tough time getting into Ever. I thought the concept of Frankie was awesome but there wasn’t enough of his character in the beginning. I didn’t enjoy how Toby immediately hits on Ever when she introduces herself the day he moves in. I felt it was just a bit too strong. I wasn’t impressed with the story and it was painfully slow. It also reminded/felt very Twilight-esque, which isn’t a good thing. I knew this was a first in a serious so I held on hoping it would pick up.

It took getting past the first 100 pages for the story to hit 0 to 60. Suddenly I found myself so engrossed in the book I couldn’t put it down. Remember, this is YA and I think Russo has hit the nail on the head for her audience; she gives them what they want. Sometimes YA can have the potential to be an adult crossover, but this is not one of those books. It’s got drama; a ridiculous love triangle and an interesting take on what keeps ghosts around. There’s a personal link for me within this story and that’s also one of the reasons I kept reading. If you’re looking for a quick, not too complicated romance, Ever will help kill some hours and give plenty of emotions for discussion. As the first in the series, I can’t wait to read what happens next. 

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This book was provided as an ARC from Curiosity Quills Press for an honest review. Many thanks to the wonderful publisher and Net Galley!