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Book Review: Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black

Dance of Shadows cover

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 14.25.41

Vanessa Alder has been haunted since her older sister Margaret’s disappearance. Three years later she finds herself in Margaret’s place as a standout freshman at the New York Ballet Academy. As the handsome Zeppelin Grey catches her eye and head choreographer Josef hints Vanessa could be up for the lead in the winter ballet, she’s easily caught up in the movements.

However, Vanessa isn’t there to dance. Her main goal is to find her sister. Reported as a runaway, Vanessa is positive that Margaret is lurking somewhere in New York. Yet as the pressures of dance begin to overwhelm her, Vanessa wonders if she is starting to hear and see things. There are secrets hidden within the NYBA and Vanessa will do whatever it takes to discover what happened to her sister.

This book was a real letdown. The cover? Fantastic! The blurb on the back? I need to read this now! The verdict? BOOOOOOO.

Let’s go over the reasons why. 1. The romance not only doesn’t make sense, but it makes the plot clunky and derails from a possible interesting plot. Zeppelin Grey? The name annoyed me so much I hated every scene he was in. 2. It wasn’t executed well. 3. The ending is blurry, and there are bits and characters that are completely forgotten about. This is a first in the series, but there was no alluding to ‘there’s more that lies ahead’ until the last page. 4. Vanessa as a whole is one-dimensional and her heart and soul for finding her sister isn’t followed throughout the book. It’s a mistake that could have changed the outcome of the book.  

I really wanted to like this book; it had such promise. I was excited from the prologue and cover, but this was not carried through with each chapter. I loved the idea of a dark mystery surrounding an elite dance school in New York. The beauty and grace of ballet flitting through the pages. Perhaps someone else can give it a go. I won’t be continuing the series. There isn’t enough intrigue for me to want to know what happens, but kudos to the Bloomsbury marketing team! They did a standout job! I just wish someone had held the author to the same standard as the cover design. It really could have been a perfect match. 


Site Event: Challenges Update

In the beginning of this year I began three reading challenges. Goodreads reading challenge and reading 32 books each of both title and last name of the author for each letter of the alphabet. 

My Goodreads count can be found on my Goodreads profile. My Alphabet challenges can found on my ‘Challenges‘ tab at the top of my blog. 


As it currently stands for Goodreads, I thought 60 would be a good number to hit for the year. I attempted 80 last year and wasn’t successful, but as it turns out I surpassed my current goal in July! (although to be honest there are a couple of knitting books and Goosebumps, which shouldn’t count) Therefore I have chosen to increase my books for the year. I’ve doubled them to 120! I still thinks it’s achievable, but we’ll see how I get on. 

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 12.26.50

As for my alphabet challenges, I have come to realize that I now need to be paying attention! Last month NONE of my six books counted, which is a problem! I’m at 13 out of 32 for both A-Z challenges! That’s not even half way! I want to participate because I know it’ll help me branch out for genres and authors. I’ve already got some acceptable books in the works so I’m hoping to make more progress in the next months to stay on track!

What about you? Are you currently doing a reading challenge? Is anyone else progressing nicely for Goodreads? Let me know!




Washington State Bookshop Tour: Pearl Street Books

Last month I wrote about my joyriding trip to Yakima in June. Before we had made it to wine country, my mate and I stopped off in Ellensburg, WA. Known for Central Washington University, this small town has a lot of charm. 

Particularly their local bookshop Pearl Street Books.

Pearl St front of shop

Located next to a wine shop, it’s quite the place to be! The weekend we were there also happened to be a Dashund parade day! 

Pearl St outside sign

Inside the bookshop, it’s full of warmth and sectioned by interests. I loved how clear the books were organized. 

Pearl St Young adult books

Pearl st the west

Pearl St middle reader books

Pearl St display

They even had the perfect display of a ‘Tea’ section!

Pearl St Tea section

Upstairs housed local Washington State artists work, drawings of local nature and Mount Rainer. 

The staff are friendly, and let you browse at your leisure. There are plenty of gift type items to purchase, stationary, it’s nice to see a local bookstore be a hub for gifting of the written word. 

Pearl St display 2

Adorable and I wish this bookstore was closer, Pearl Street is a great place to pick up the latest book in a multitude of genres. If you’re ever in the area don’t forget to pay them a visit and then get some wine from next door! A pint in the park yeah?

The info:

421 N. Pearl Street

Ellensburg, WA 98926

Monday-Friday 10am – 5:30pm

Saturdays 10am-5pm

Book Review: Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

FInale cover

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 13.53.18

Please note: This is the fourth book in the Hush, Hush series and does contain spoilers.

Check out my review for Hush, Hush (1), Crescendo (2) and Silence (3).

Nora Grey is not your average seventeen year old. In the past six months she’s had her life threatened, almost died multiple times and fallen in and out and back in love with her destined to be fallen angel Patch.

Now Nora is the leader of the Nephilim army, but there are darker sources at work. The battle is coming to a head and Nora’s wish for peace is a million miles away. To claim her destiny, her life and her love, she’s going to have to fight for a side. But when Patch is on the opposite end, is choosing a side truly the answer?


I am obviously not a fan of this book. TERRIBLE. HORRIBLE. Make it stop it hurts my eyes!

I really, really, really hated the ending. One of the worst endings I have read in a long time. A waste of my time and for a series that had a promising beginning, I had no idea it would go so far astray.  I’m sure romance lovers will love this finale, but for me I hated it because it was only about the superficial love aspect.

The plot that had so many different directions got lost, into the ether. The romance took dominance and everything else just closed into an easy box. Nora dissolves into a whiny little brat that can’t, and won’t do anything without her man. This is not ok! As a leader of an army, Nora needs courage and bravery, but instead she became a hunk of mouldy cheese.

It’s such a shame, the marketing team truly have done a fantastic job on the series book cover and I just the writing matched.